Know Sooner

Maybe your journey started when you found a change in your own breast. Or perhaps your doctor showed concern at your routine screening.

Your abnormal mammogram was followed by an ultrasound, but that too may have left room for doubt. Your doctor explained that you’d need further testing, and the wait began.

That next test might be days or weeks away.  Meanwhile, you’re living with unanswered questions. 

If you’re facing the uncertainty of inconclusive results, you deserve to have answers, sooner.

The team at Pink Lotus talk about the power of reducing patients’ wait time after an inconclusive mammogram.

Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography

SenoBright contrast-enhanced spectral mammography

SenoBright contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) is designed to provide your doctor with the information needed to give you a diagnosis within a day, immediately or soon after your initial screening. And it’s almost as simple as a traditional mammogram.


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"With CESM, […] how specific my doctor could be about where the cancer is [...] gave me such easing of my worries. You never stop worrying but it makes a big, big difference to know what’s happening and why."

Liz S., breast cancer survivor

Learn how SenoBright can give you answers sooner, spotlighting areas that may not be visible on a standard mammogram or ultrasound.

The time to know is now. Download a SenoBright brochure to discuss with your doctor during your next visit.