Breast imaging that gives you access to answers. Today.

SenoBright CESM can provide clear diagnostic images to your doctor, and reduce your wait time for answers.

No Need to Wait

A SenoBright exam is designed to allow you to get answers related to a breast cancer diagnosis soon after your initial screening mammogram.

For facilities with SenoBright, there may not be a need to wait for an appointment anywhere else, depending on scheduling availability. By eliminating this wait, SenoBright can help reduce the anxiety associated with the uncertainty a woman may feel after an abnormal mammogram.

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"CESM has been a really helpful tool in shortening the [breast cancer diagnosis] cycle from initial diagnosis to definitive surgical treatment."

Dr. Bruce Schroeder, Eastern Radiologists Inc., North Carolina

"When there are doubts, which are common in breast oncology and breast imaging, you can provide [patients] with a tool that is available on-site, that can be performed in less than 10 minutes and that allows them to have the results after 30 minutes."

Dr. Suzette Delaloge, Head of the Breast Cancer Group at the Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris, France.

A Different View

SenoBright is designed to let your radiologist see areas of concern clearly through breast tissue or cysts, which can make regular mammograms harder to read. And SenoBright is not affected by hormone replacement or menstrual cycles.

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"CESM helps to increase detection for early breast cancer in conjunction with other tests. It picks up early cancer that can be missed by regular mammography or ultrasound. The results can be given to patients before they leave the clinic so it is very helpful to manage patients’ anxiety."

Dr. Lydia Liao, Director, Cooper Breast Imaging Centers, New Jersey

Improved Access

SenoBright can improve your access to faster answers, particularly if you face barriers to other diagnostic tools. For instance:

  • Financial constraints - SenoBright costs the same as a diagnostic mammogram, plus the cost of the contrast injection.
  • Scheduling limitations - SenoBright is a quick test, which may be available soon after an abnormal mammogram.

SenoBright uses standard mammogram equipment, so your exam experience will be very similar to what you’re used to.

"[CESM] is extremely well tolerated…and in these days where cost and quality are extremely important, we feel that contrast enhanced mammograms balance both quality as well as cost."

Dr. Nick Habal, Eastern Radiologists Inc., North Carolina

When Is SenoBright Used?

The accuracy and ease of access SenoBright provides can be especially helpful in cases where a routine mammogram and ultrasound have not provided conclusive results.

"Sometimes the answers are just not there and you don’t really have a warm and fuzzy feeling that you have gotten to the conclusion, especially if you know that something might be hiding if they are high risk. [With CESM] it’s been really rewarding to know that we can safely move on, put it behind us and get to the next step, and do it very quickly and accurately."

Dr. Bruce Schroeder, Eastern Radiologists Inc., North Carolina